Lease Or Purchase

As our clients proceed toward obtaining target locations, Accubranch handles negotiations with the targeted property owners on a confidential basis. This protects your identity and avoids revealing your strategy any earlier than necessary. Keeping our client’s identity anonymous as long as possible reduces the probability that lease rates and/or sale prices will rise once landlords or sellers become aware that a financial institution is interested in their property. Our clients are consulted throughout this process.

These efforts in the market place are real estate activities. As such, Accubranch requires a broker registration (or authorization) agreement with the client. All of our work is undertaken in the strictest confidence and under protection of non-disclosure agreements.

Since Accubranch only works on behalf of our clients, we will not act as a real estate developer or investor. If the client prefers to lease new branch locations we may seek your approval to introduce several developers who may have an interest in creating and leasing these projects to the client.