Market Feasibility

A market feasibility study determines whether or not a real estate market has the ability to support a particular development. Market areas are usually defined by 3, 5 or 8 mile drive time for specific branches.

Geo-Coding Customers: Demographics and Socio-Economic Analysis
Upon the selection of any given node, the socio-economic and demographic characteristics contained within the selected trade areas are analyzed. This study identifies the dominant socio-economic segments around each selected node. Accubranch experts then utilize a proprietary methodology to affirm or refute the logic of contemplated locations for new branches.

Accubranch can geo-locate your depositors, borrowers, business customers and target businesses to graphically identify concentrations of customers and potential target areas for growth. This mapping is then used to provide valuable insight into potential target markets. When combined with the Market Feasibility Analysis, this is particularly effective for assessing defining characteristics of your customers and the market penetration which can be expected.