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Identifying the Best Locations

Once you decide on a Strategic Growth Plan, AccuBranch sets in place the strategies needed to bring it to fruition.

Site Identification Lease or Purchase Negotiations Due Diligence & Permitting Deposit Estimator

Site Identification

We go into the marketplace to identify the best location that will maximize our client’s position and revenue in that given trade area.

Lease or Purchase Negotiations

Working In Your Best Interests

The AccuBranch team are skilled negotiators, enabling us to secure the very best locations at the best price – whether it is negotiating a lease/purchase, renegotiating terms, option terms, buy-outs, or terminations. Our years of commercial retail real estate experience allows us to identify areas of potential concern and negotiate terms and conditions that will offer our clients the maximum protection and flexibility in the deal.

As our clients proceed toward obtaining target locations, AccuBranch’s team of licensed real estate professionals expertly handles negotiations with the targeted property owners on a confidential basis. This protects your identity and avoids revealing your strategy. Keeping our client’s identity anonymous reduces the probability that lease rates and/or sale prices will rise once landlords or sellers become aware that a financial institution is interested in their property.

How We Assist in the Process

These efforts in the marketplace are real estate activities. As such, AccuBranch requires a broker registration or authorization agreement with the client. All our work is undertaken in the strictest confidence and under protection of non-disclosure agreements. Since AccuBranch only works on behalf of our clients, we will not act as a real estate developer or investor. If the client prefers to lease new branch locations, we may seek your approval to introduce several developers who may have an interest in creating and leasing these projects to the client.

AccuBranch helps our clients:

  • Acquire the best location in the market, that will drive maximum deposit revenue, assuring that they are paying fair market rents.  We have saved our clients thousands of dollars when renegotiating better terms and rates.
  • Negotiate discounted buy-outs of leases should the need to terminate, or negotiate shorter-term leases and options to allow for flexibility as strategic plans are being prepared and executed.
  • Acting as your “out-of-house, in-house” real estate partner, by executing an ongoing relationship document.

Due Diligence & Permitting

Due Diligence

AccuBranch can offer due diligence services to assist our clients in moving ahead with their construction plans. AccuBranch will help you assess the feasibility, economics, and practicality of your project.

AccuBranch knows how to work with local and state regulatory agencies, obtaining the necessary land use approvals (permits) in the shortest amount of time possible. These complicated and detailed processes require careful preparation, finesse, and experience.

Land Use Approvals + Permits

Our team has extensive experience coordinating land use approvals and permits for a wide range of clients with projects ranging from ATM/ITM kiosks to spaces of more than 500,000 square feet… across all classes of real estate. With AccuBranch leading these endeavors, the approval process is faster and usually less expensive than using in-house personnel or having an attorney conduct the proceedings. In addition, our refined approach tends to generate less controversy and fewer onerous conditions of approval. This allows you to focus on your main business rather than attending numerous meetings with land use officials.

Deposit Estimator

Once potential sites are narrowed down to a select few locations, AccuBranch can employ a tool to accurately project your deposit growth over a five-year period.

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