Strategic Planning

The primary information we deliver is GIS mapping plus extensive supporting data.

Accubranch generates a visual representation of all banking nodes within the trade area selected. Information associated with each node includes the key metrics commonly used within the industry. Additionally, our research includes a ranking of the strength of each trade area versus the mean, including your competitors’ details and their performance in this regard.

The information we provide is extremely valuable in the following areas:

Identifying Trade Areas to Focus Upon for Expansion.
Expansion (excluding mergers and acquisitions) can occur in two ways.
i) Organically (sequential expansion using home-grown talent), or
ii) Surgically (jumping to a new trade area and hiring the right talent in the market).

Understanding the Competition within a Given Market, the Size of the Market and the Dominant Players.
Your competitors’ performance provides a basis upon which you can assess your own competitiveness against those already operating in the trade area.

Accubranch will meet with representatives of your organization to analyze and explain the deliverables. Our experts will assist in the strategic planning process and the identification of markets suitable for expansion. After delivery of our initial reports and the recommended orientation meeting, we are available for additional presentations and training sessions.