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Strategic Growth Initiatives

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Customer Mapping

Socioeconomic Profiles

We Start by Understanding

  • Who are your current customers? Who resonates with your messaging? Who are your best customers?
  • Where do you find more of them? Which ones offer opportunity for growth?
  • Not every consumer in the market area is drawn to your individual brand and message, we work to understand which ones do.
  • Overlaying Socioeconomic Profiles onto the mapped customer areas gains a deep knowledge of your customers’ lifestyle choices, what they buy and how they spend their free time. Socioeconomic Tapestry Profiles go far beyond simple demographic data.
  • AccuBranch goes a step further to analyze which customers are your best depositors and borrowers, and how those factors into your Strategic Planning process.

Market Penetration & Target Markets

We look to understand how well you are penetrating your various markets:

  • Why do some branches perform better than others?  How do you correct under-performing branches? What portion of the available trade area are you capturing?
  • Where should you focus your resources to grow and expand?
  • Which type of branch strategy will offer the maximum market growth? AccuBranch often recommends – and employs – a combination of these options.
  • Full-service drive-thru branch locations? Micro Branches? Stand-alone ATM or ITM branches? 
  • Which markets or trade areas offer the best match and fit for YOUR ideal customers?
  • AccuBranch utilizes Geofencing to use real-time data to further understand, analyze and recommend potential new growth markets.

Marketing Strategies

Once AccuBranch has identified opportunities for growth into new markets, and/or identify the Socioeconomic Tapestry Segments that are being under-served, we offer specific psychographic and behavioral data that can be shared with your marketing and advertising team to target these specific groups for revenue growth.

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