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Competitive Market Metrics

AccuBranch’s team of experts are here to help refine your strategies and marketing assumptions, inform planning processes, and understand trends and tendencies.

Market Analytics Competitor Analysis Risk Analysis Commercial Lending Strategy

Market Analytics

We further refine potential Target Markets by doing a deep dive into each potential trade area:

  • Are they over- or under-banked?
  • Can the business, housing and population metrics support another financial institution?
  • We put boots on the ground to observe what is happening in the local market area.
  • Where is the growth projected to take place?
  • What other major developments are being planned that could impact a location decision?

Competitor Analysis

Helping you know your competition and how your offerings will fare in the market.

We start by analyzing these questions:

  • Who are the major competitors in the market?
  • Where are they drawing their customers from?
  • Who might be vulnerable to a new competitor?
  • What is the performance history for each competitor over a five-year period?
  • How does that information impact the analysis of your new location?

Risk & Transaction Analysis

AccuBranch helps you analyze the impact of adding new branches – or closing a particular branch. We ask questions such as:

  • Should you want to close an existing branch, what will be the impact on those customers?
  • Which ones are at risk of losing to a competitor?
  • When does closing a branch make sound fiscal sense?
  • Should you wish to open a new branch that may have some overlap to an existing branch, what will be the impact?

Commercial Lending Strategy

AccuBranch is here to help you find and locate where your prime target customers are, identify who you want to focus on for loan growth, and where your institution should be located to best attract them to your financial institution.

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